FLEXImobile adds value to your Business.
Protect & Secure your Mobile Phone for Employee Monitoring.

FLEXImobile products stands for Complete Communication Control and adds unique functionality and value to your Mobile Phone(s) by increasing security to user, phone and data. You can manage and control a single phone or a fleet of phones from a central web interface or email.

FLEXImobile Employee Monitoring Business applications: Manage | Protect | Recover

FLEXImobile Employee Monitoring Business applications capture and backup all activity on the phone and make them available to computer or mailbox. For companies; have access to the location of all phones, embed quality control, manage costs and prevent abuse. Keep track of all activities and revisit them at any time.


Products of the FLEXImobile Business Series will add unique value and a multitude of powerful features to your mobile phone experience. The applications capture and backup all activity on your phone. Also a complete track of the phone location is maintained. The information is available on a web based Online Panel from which all data can be consulted, managed and forwarded to your Email. In case of loss or theft you will be able to localize the phone and you will have the number of the ‘new owner‘… the theft recovery functions.

FLEXImobile Business Series products function on all GSM Networks and worldwide. The installation is done on the phone. It is easy to install and start enjoying the new functionalities without any delay.

Business Online Panel

The FLEXImobile Business Online Panel is a sleek web based interface that allows you to review, manipulate, export and archive your data at the click of a button. The panel access is part of your purchase and comes with each product of the FLEXImobile Business Series

A great feature are the remote commands from the panel: you can modify and/or set any setting. This means you don’t need the phone(s) to make changes on their configuration. This is especially useful in corporate applications when using multiple phones on one account because you don’t need the phones to come to a central point to change settings.

Messages and data manipulations are backed up automatically and a detailed location track can be projected on a Google Maps chart. Thanks to the Theft Recovery Functions, you can retrieve phone in case of loss or theft.

Product Delivery

  • Software delivery by email
  • User Manual delivery by email
  • Registration code for the purchased term
  • Username and Password for the Online Panel User Account


FLEXImobile Business Series comes in two different versions for one year license periods. Pricing depends on the version, quantity of licenses purchased and the SLA. We can do all your installations for eg, we can provide you a VIP live chat service. Most details on the product features and pricing are listed on this page. You can buy through our offices or online via several online payment platforms.

Not included in listed pricing

Installation Services to deploy the software on a compatible phone are NOT included in the listed pricing. This service can be delivered at an additional fee, our sales engineers will be happy to assist you. Also complete pre-installed packages including a new in-the-box preconfigured phone are available on request.

FLEXImobile Business +

FLEXImobile Business+ is the ultimate business application for the demanding single user or corporate account manager.

General Application

  • For the demanding smartphone user that wants to safeguard his information and phone
  • For the in-the-field business man that runs his office through his smart phone
  • For the corporate organizations that want to keep track of their employees and implement quality control

Business Applications

Companies can deploy this software on the mobiles of the employees to monitor activity and whereabouts. As management you now have full control on usage, possible abuse, quality and loyalty of your staff. Next to that, in case of loss or theft the phones can still be recovered.

For companies and governments we have large scale solutions

Our consultants and development team offer companies and organizations tailor made solutions.

FLEXImobile Business + | features


  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • Mobile Operator Cell ID history
  • SIM change notification
  • Stealth Mode (Hides the application from the new ‘owner’)
  • Location reporting to a secondary phone for easy tracking
  • Environment Listening
  • Phone Location (GPS) History on Google Maps


  • Free Updates when new functions and features are introduced
  • Call Log Capturing
  • Messaging Capturing (SMS, MMS & Email)
  • Contacts Capturing
  • All data capturing in Real Time, if wanted
  • Remote Management & Control via SMS commands, intuitive data management and location management
  • All data available for downloading
  • Data forwarding to Email
  • Calls Recording for iPhone and Android

* Delivery by email as per information stated in the introduction.

FLEXImobile Business

FLEXImobile Business is a business application for the single user or corporate account manager. Except for the audio functions (Environment Listening, Call Recording) it has the same functionality as the Business+ version.

All call logging, messaging and data manipulations are backed up automatically and a detailed location track can be projected on a Google Maps chart. Thanks to the Theft Recovery Features, you can retrieve the phone in case of loss or theft.

You receive complete reporting on all the captured data on a secure account. You can retrieve the data from there with any computer, tablet or smart phone.

General Application

  • For backing up all messaging on your phone
  • For keeping track and securing the activity area of the phone at all times
  • For the corporate organization that wants to keep track of their employees and check on possible abuse such as data breach

FLEXImobile can go way further!

The surveillance of your employees PC and Mac is a way of seeing that the job is done. Or not… You’ll be able to distinguish the good from the bad.

  • daily reports with working hours from every employee
  • who opened what files today
  • how long did they work on that one excel sheet
  • abnormal activity
  • data breach
  • reports of copying to external disks suchs USB
  • we can’t reveal all its specs to the public… sorry.

FLEXImobile PC employee monitoring is a professional monitoring solution beyond competition.


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