Contact our FLEXImobile Corporate Head Office operational since early 2008.

FLEXImobile develops and markets high-end products for the mobile phone market.

With in-house contracted programmers and developers for both handset applications and web based interfaces & servers as well as a fully owned distribution channel management structure; FLEXImobile is a vertically integrated company that is present in every part of the world.

FLEXImobile creates highly-stable Business and Security Applications for the Mobile Phone Industry that are being sold to MNO’s, Corporate Companies and Private Individuals.

Among our customers are well known Companies, Law Enforcement, Governments and Mobile Network Operators.

FLEXImobile has a wide range of own developed security products and commercial brands and is one of the world’s most innovative companies in developing security applications for Mobile Phones.

The distribution network for our products is spread all over the world with exclusive distributors in each country or region where we are present. In certain countries we still look for distributors or resellers. Click here.

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